Improving network virtualization in Openstack: SRIOV and DPDK

Mohamed Elsakhawy


Mohamed graduated from Western University with an M.E.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with focus on distributed systems. He has extensive experience in deploying and administrating Openstack clouds. He currently works as a System Administrator III at SHARCNET and is the Operational Lead of the Compute Canada National Cloud team. He is particularly interested in VNF performance and how network functions are mapped to native Linux technologies and services.


Network virtualisation is the heart of VMs' communication in a cloud environment where virtual routers, switches, firewalls and functions exist. Performance of the virtual network directly impacts the efficiency of VMs'... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mohamed Elsakhawy (SHARCNET)

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Technologies and Trends: Other


D2-S4-10 » Tuesday Session 4 - 10 (14:15 - Tuesday, 19th June, HC 114)

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