Session: PT-S1
Parallel Track 1: Tourism, Hospitality & Food

Dr Alan Collins
09:15 - 10:30 on Thursday, 3rd of September 2015
  • 09:15
    Strategic Innovation Management in the Hotel Micro Firm: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
    Arthur Kearney (WIT), Felicity Kelliher (WIT), Denis Harrington (WIT)
  • 09:15
    Managing the Tourism Product in an Irish Heritage Town
    Angela Wright (CIT)
  • 09:15
    Supermarkets: Make Space for Local & Artisan Foods!
    Michelle Dunne (CIT), Angela Wright (CIT)
  • 09:15
    Destination Management: Developing Orchestration Capability
    Noel Murray (Cork Institute of Technology), Anthony Foley (RIKON, Waterford Institute of Technology), Patrick Lynch (RIKON, Waterford Institute of Technology)