Feasibility approach of power generation from Solar Thermal Wind Tower: Inclusive impact assessment concerning environmental and economic costs

Islam Elsayed

Yokohama National University

Islam Elsayed is now a PhD student at the, Ocean Engineering Department, graduate school of engineering, Yokohama National University, Japan. Islam got the Japanese Government Scholarship, enrolled in the master’s degree program, he graduated and got his master degree in March, 2018, and then will start the PhD program. Islam is Egyptian, graduated from Cairo University in May 2014, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Power Department.


PREFACE The Solar Thermal Wind Tower (STWT) mimics nature’s wind cycle, utilizing a combination of flat plate solar air collector and central updraft tower to produce thermal wind which drives the turbines to generate... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Islam Elsayed (Yokohama National University)
  2. Yoshiki Nishi (Yokohama National University)

Topic Areas

Photovoltaic and solar energy systems , Wind energy technology and impact on environment , Thermal energy and building performance


OS3a-A » Photovoltaic and solar energy systems (14:30 - Friday, 27th April, Auditorium)

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