Fuzzy Controller for Self-Excited Dual Star Induction Generator with Online Estimation of Magnetizing Inductance Used in Wind Energy Conversion

Yacine Bendjeddou

Ecole supérieure en génie électrique et énergétique d'Oran

Received his undergraduate and Magister degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Mustafa Benboulaid Batna-2 in Algeria in 2011 and 2013, respectively. He is currently a PhD candidate at University of Mustafa Benboulaid Batna-2 and professor at Oran's high school of electrical engineering and energy. His research interests are modelling, simulation and control of multi-phases induction generator, control technique, and renewable energy.


This paper presents a novel direct rotor flux oriented control with online estimation of magnetizing current and magnetizing inductance applied to self-excited dual star induction generator equipping a wind turbine in... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Yacine Bendjeddou (Ecole supérieure en génie électrique et énergétique d'Oran)
  2. Rachid Abdessemed (Université Mustafa Benboulaid Batna-2)
  3. Elkheir Merabet (Université Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi de Bordj Bou Arréridj)

Topic Areas

Advanced materials for energy generation and transmission , Wind energy technology and impact on environment , Smart grid and electric transportation


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