Energy Assessment for a 300-MW wind farm in mountainous area

Matteo Ranaboldo

UL Renewables

Matteo Ranaboldo is an environmental engineer from the Technical University of Turin and holds two Master degrees in Energy Engineering and in Meteorology. He obtained the PhD from the UPC (Barcelona) in 2015 on the design optimization of off-grid projects based on wind and solar energies by means of heuristic methods and micro-scale wind resource assessment. Since joining AWSTruepower, he has performed various technical services related with wind resource assessment: measurement campaign definition, wind farm design, energy production estimations, uncertainty and losses studies. He published multiple papers in first-level scientific journals and participated in various international congresses.


Energy assessment studies in a pre-construction phase are a key step in the development of a wind farm. In recent years, the growth of big project located in always more complex environments makes this energy assessment... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Matteo Ranaboldo (UL Renewables)
  2. Santi Vila (UL Renewables)
  3. José Vidal (UL Renewables)
  4. Claudia Puyal (UL Renewables)
  5. Jesica Piñon (UL Renewables)

Topic Area

Wind energy technology and impact on environment


OS1a-R207 » Wind energy and smart grid (14:30 - Wednesday, 25th April, Room 207)

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