A Novel Sustainability Performance Index for Biomass Gasification in Alternative Jet Fuel Production

Ben Kolosz

Heriot-Watt University UK

Dr Ben Kolosz is a post-doctoral research associate in the Re­search Centre for Carbon Solu­tions (RCCS) at Heriot Watt Uni­versity. He received his PhD de­gree from the Institute for Transport Studies at the Univer­sity of Leeds in 2013. He is cur­rently conducting his post-doc­toral studies under the supervi­sion of Dr John Andresen through assessing the sustainability and process integration of a new form of alternative jet fuel through co-valorisation of CO2 and biomass. His expertise includes lifecy­cle assessment, carbon sequestration, computational andenvironmental modelling and is a member of the British Computing Society(MBCS).


A novel sustainability performance index has been developed for assessing biomass waste performance during gasification of syngas for jet fuel production. Catalytic gasification of waste biomass could be an ideal sustainable... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ben Kolosz (Heriot-Watt University UK)
  2. John Andresen (Heriot-Watt University UK)
  3. Bing Xu (Heriot-Watt University UK)
  4. Mercedes Maroto-valer (Heriot-Watt University UK)

Topic Areas

Bioenergy and biofuels , Biomass conversion technologies


OS2a-R207 » Bioenergy and biomass conversion technologies (16:10 - Thursday, 26th April, Room 207)

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