Strategic heat planning: A spatial approach for urban areas

Jürgen Knies

Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg

Currently Jürgen Knies is Research Associate at the Jade University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg (Germany). He started as Landscape Ecologist (University of Oldenburg, Germany) and worked for 10 years in a spatial planning company with focus on energy issues (wind, solar). In 2006 he made his master degree at the University of Salzburg (Austria) in Applied Geoinformation. He worked for around 4 years at the Institute of Informatics and the Institute of Pipe Technology with focus on smart grid and spatial planning, developing the research field Energetic Neighborhood. Special issue: Heat recovery from waste water (EU-Project, supporting investors, workshops).


IntroductionThe current climate protection goals will lead to unprecedented and profound changes to energy systems. The transition to a decarbonized heat supply system will be complex and the process will have deep impacts on... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jürgen Knies (Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg)

Topic Area

Thermal energy and building performance


OS1b-R207 » Thermal energy and building performance (16:40 - Wednesday, 25th April, Room 207)

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