Application of active and passive thermal solar systems for the processing of agricultural and agroindustrial products in the Northern Region of Costa Rica: a pilot local program


Drying, dehydration, sterilization and pasteurization are activities that are used for the processing and storing of food and other agricultural and agroindustrial products. In these processes different sources of energy are... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Guzmán Hernández Tomás de Jesús (Technological Institute from Costa Rica)
  2. Araya Rodriguez Fereddy (Technological Institute from Costa Rica)
  3. Obando Ulloa Javier (Technological Institute from Costa Rica)
  4. Castro Badilla Guillermo (Technological Institute from Costa Rica)
  5. Moreira Segura Cristian (Technological Institute from Costa Rica)

Topic Area

Thermal energy and building performance


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