Bio-valorization of CO2 for the sustainable production of biomethane as an alternative bioenergy storage system

Pau Bosch-Jimenez

LEITAT Technological Center

Pau Bosch has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Girona and then the Masters course in Science and Chemical Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Currently developing their professional work in the R & D Energy and Engineering group of Technology Centre LEITAT. The line of research has specialized mainly in two fields: 1) new generation of photovoltaic cellsand 2) Bioelectrochemical systems (BES). In terms of BES research, Pau is developing microbial fuel cells, microbial electrosynthesis cells and other systems, focusing the research on advance materials utilization, electrochemical operation, optimization characterization and up-scaling.


Power to biomethane technology reported in the present work offers a solution to employ the surplus from renewable energy sources and to reduce CO2 emissions (from biogas upgrading or other CO2-rich gas streams), allowing to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Pau Bosch-Jimenez (LEITAT Technological Center)
  2. Daniele Molognoni (LEITAT Technological Center)
  3. Edxon Licon (LEITAT Technological Center)
  4. David Gali (LEITAT Technological Center)
  5. Martí Aliaguilla (LEITAT Technological Center)
  6. Clara Corbella (LEITAT Technological Center)
  7. Mónica Della Pirriera (LEITAT Technological Center)
  8. Eduard Borràs (LEITAT Technological Center)
  9. John Chamberlain (Gas Natural Fenosa)
  10. Gerardo Romani (Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering)

Topic Areas

Bioenergy and biofuels , Biomass conversion technologies , Energy recycling systems


OS2a-R207 » Bioenergy and biomass conversion technologies (16:10 - Thursday, 26th April, Room 207)

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