Batt//Gen: A self-recharging device

Arturo Solis Herrera

Human Photosynthesis(TM) Research Center

Dr. Solis Herrera has MD, MsC, and PhD, specialty in ophthalmology. Born in 1953 in Mexico. Dr. Solis Herrera is Director and Founder of Human Photosynthesis(TM) Research Centre in Aguascalientes, Mexico.


The search for new sustainable energy sources seems to have come to an end with the discovery of Human Photosynthesis ® in the year 2002. The finding that not only plants but all living beings are able to capture energy from... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Arturo Solis Herrera (Human Photosynthesis(TM) Research Center)
  2. Maria Del Carmen Arias Esparza (Human Photosynthesis(TM) Research Center)

Topic Areas

Advanced materials for energy generation and transmission , Photovoltaic and solar energy systems , Hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology applications


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