The Effects of Risk Management on Bioenergy Projects

Aminu Bature

Birmingham City University

Aminu Bature completed his MSc from Birmingham City University. He is presently a Research associate at the Centre for Low Carbon Research and Bioenergy Research Group, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, Birmingham City University investigating the market potential of microalgae supplementation in animal feeds in developing countries.


Introduction: The sheer volumes of research studies indicate that effective risk analysis has a profound effect on the early financing stages of bioenergy and other renewable energy projects, its investments, and the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aminu Bature (Birmingham City University)
  2. Jahangir Akhtar (Birmingham City University)
  3. Lynsey Melville (Birmingham City University)
  4. Khondokar Mizanur Rahman (Birmingham City University)
  5. Poonam Aulak (Birmingham City University)

Topic Area

Bioenergy and biofuels


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