Is waste plastics the next important energy source?

swaminathan ramesh

EcoFuel Technologies, Inc

  Dr. Swaminathan Ramesh is the founder / CEO of EcoFuel technologies, Inc (EFT, from 2012) and Advanced Technologies of Michigan, inc (from 1992). EFT was formed to further develop and market the ‘Plastics to Fuel’ technology.   Dr. Ramesh has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Science, India and performed 4.5 years of  post-doctoral research at the University of Illinois.  Dr. Ramesh joined BASF Corporation in 1983 as a Research Scientist and retired after 23 years. He has about 20 papers and over 40 US patents.Three of tem are related to plastic to fuel


Humans have produced over 15 trillion pounds of plastics, starting from 1950. While the plastics have very desirable properties like light weight, mold-able into many, many shapes and forms, strong, perfect for sanitary and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. swaminathan ramesh (EcoFuel Technologies, Inc)

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Thermal energy and building performance , Energy recycling systems


OS1b-R207 » Thermal energy and building performance (16:40 - Wednesday, 25th April, Room 207)

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