Regulation of endogenous CYGB expression in human hepatic stellate cells


Background: Cytoglobin (CYGB) belongs to the mammalian globin family and is localized in hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) in the liver. Besides its gas-binding ability, CYGB may be relevant in hepatic fibrosis and cancer due to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Norifumi Kawada (Osaka City University)
  2. Misako Sato-Matsubara (Osaka City University)
  3. Tsutomu Matsubara (Osaka City University)
  4. Atsuko Daikoku (Osaka City University)
  5. Yoshinori Okina (Osaka City University)
  6. Krista Rombouts (University College London)
  7. Kazuo Ikeda (Osaka City University)
  8. Katsutoshi Yoshizato (Osaka City University)
  9. Massimo Pinzani (University College London)

Topic Area

Liver fibrosis


OS4 » Session 4 Liver Fibrosis - 1 (14:15 - Thursday, 15th June, Aula Maxima, Ground Floor)