Common features of hepatic and pancreatic stellate cells copper-deficient model of injury in rat


The possibility of pancreatic cells transdifferentiation into hepatoсyte-like cells in copper-deficient model of injury in rats was shown by M.S.Rao and D.G.Scarpelli (1981). Considering that hepatic stellate cells (HSC) play... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kadriia Saifullina (Kazan State Medical University)
  2. Alsu Abdulkhakova (Kazan State Medical University)
  3. Mikhail Mavlikeev (Kazan Federal University)
  4. Georgii Pevnev (Kazan Federal University)
  5. Sayar Abdulkhakov (Kazan Federal University)
  6. Anisa Gumerova (Kazan Federal University)
  7. Andei Kiassov (Kazan Federal University)

Topic Area

Liver regeneration


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