Delayed liver regeneration in germ-free mice is normalised following colonisation with conventional mouse microbiota


Background/Aim: It has been previously reported that LPS/TLR4 signalling and/or gut microbiota may be involved in liver regeneration following partial hepatectomy (PH). Despite many investigations, the real mechanism of liver... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Muhamad Marlini (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM))
  2. Beth Mallard (National university of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)
  3. Frances O'brien (University College Cork)
  4. Grainne Hurley (University College Cork)
  5. Ngatiman M. Hairulhisyam (National university of Ireland, Galway)
  6. Rahiman Faiyaz (National university of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)
  7. Fergus Shanahan (University College Cork)
  8. Antony Wheatley (National university of Ireland, Galway)

Topic Area

Liver regeneration


OS8 » Session 8 Liver Regeneration (09:30 - Saturday, 17th June, Aula Maxima, Ground Floor)