For a sustainable globalization: Experiments in living and individual well-being

Pietro Navarra

Professor of Public Sector Economics, University of Messina, Italia

Pietro Navarra is Professor of Public Sector Economics at the Università degli Studi di Messina (Italy) and member of the Italian National Parliament. He was Rector of the University of Messina (2013-17) and served as member of the Commissione per la Garanzia della Qualità dell'Informazione Statistica at the Office of the Italian Prime Minister (2014-15). He obtained his B.A in Law (Università di Messina, Italy), the M.Sc. and the Ph.D. in Economics (University of Buckingham, UK) and the M.Sc. by Research in Health Economics (University of York, UK). Prof. Navarra has been Fulbright Research Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, US) and Visiting Scholar in several academic and research institutions with both research and teaching duties: Columbia University (New York, US), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, US), Fudan University (Shanghai, China), King's College (London, UK), University of California (Irvine, US), George Mason University (Washington D.C., US), Institute for Advanced Studies (Berlin, Germany), Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, US), University of Reading (Reading, UK), Australian National University (Canberra, Australia). Prof. Navarra research interests have been mainly focused on the working of political institutions and their effects on the functioning of economic systems. His work appeared in several scientific journals including Journal of International Business Studies, European Journal of Political Economy, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Public Choice, Global Strategy Journal, Economics Letters, Economics of Governance, International Business Review, Applied Economics, Journal of Innovation Production Management, Management International Review.
He was recently elected as member of the Italian Parliament.


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