Irritec – smart irrigation and plastic management for a sustanable world

Giulia Giuffrè

Marketing Director of Irritec S.p.A.

Giulia Giuffrè is responsible for the Marketing of the Irritec, a worldwide Company leader in irrigation systems and selected in the 2018 as an example of excellence in the Italian circular economy. She studied economics at the Bocconi University in Milan, specializing in Strategy and Management. After several working experiences in commercial and marketing, since 2010 she has been working in Irritec, the business of her family, founded in Sicily in 1974. Always attentive to the protection of the environment, She promotes drip irrigation in the world, the irrigation system that guarantees the optimization of the water resource, avoiding waste in full respect of the crops and the ecosystem. In 2018, she was a speaker at the XVIII Infopoverty World Conference, focused yearly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on innovative solutions and best practices to empower the fight against poverty and for the achievement of the SDGs. Passionate about communication in all its meanings, Giulia Giuffrè has always loved photography and acting. As a theater actress for pleasure, she also played minor roles in several film productions.


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