Tracking National Environmental Performance Relative to Planetary Boundaries - A Consumption Based Indicator Framework


The Planetary Boundaries framework describes the safe operational space for the Earth. The framework builds upon accumulating evidence that human activities have become the main driver of global environmental change in the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Konstantin Stadler (Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU, Norway)
  2. Richard Wood (Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU, Norway)
  3. Daniel Moran (Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU, Norway)
  4. Peter Søgaard Jørgensen (Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, Sweden)
  5. Alexandra Marques (Joint Research Centre, European Commission)
  6. Arnold Tukker (Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden University)

Topic Area

1c. Assessing sustainability (indicators and reporting)


OS1-1c » 1c. Assessing sustainability (indicators and reporting) (15:00 - Wednesday, 13th June, Department of Economics - Aula Magna 2 - First floor)