Evaluation of recovery actions applied on petrochemical polluted waters and sediments using marine mussels in mesocosm-scale experiments


The extensive oil exploration has led to a series of environmental issues worldwide, over the years. In the last decades, great attention has been paid to the impact of oil refinery wastewaters and discharged effluents, which... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tiziana Cappello (University of Messina)
  2. Maria Maisano (University of Messina)
  3. Alessia Giannetto (University of Messina)
  4. Vincenzo Parrino (University of Messina)
  5. Antonino Natalotto (University of Messina)
  6. Sabrina Oliva (University of Messina)
  7. Simone Cappellol (CNR)
  8. Giuseppe Mancini (University of Catania)
  9. Giuseppe De Marco (University of Messina)
  10. Angela Mauceri (University of Messina)
  11. Salvatore Fasulo (University of Messina)

Topic Area

3b. Life below water


OS4-3a+b » 3a Life on land + 3b Life below water (11:30 - Thursday, 14th June, Rectorate - Aula Cannizzaro - Ground floor)