Development and application of an ISO based Eco-design approach: the case study of an Italian hospital catering service


The interest of the International Community on environmental issues has increased in the past years and started to affect the market of companies worldwide. The reasons are manifold and related to the fact that products and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alessandro Manzardo (University of Padova)
  2. Matteo Simonetto (University of Padova)
  3. Maria Leida Putin (Serenissima Ristorazione SpA)
  4. Lucia Cammisa (Serenissima Ristorazione SpA)
  5. Antonio Scipioni (University of Padova)

Topic Area

5e. Sustainable consumption and consumers


OS3-5e » 5e. Sustainable consumption and consumers (09:30 - Thursday, 14th June, Rectorate - Aula Magna - First floor)