The Gender Report: The Initial Experience of the University of Salerno


The policies for gender mainstreaming are one of the most relevant issues on the European social agenda. The promotion of equal opportunities is infact, a necessary and priority condition for achieving the European Union's... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ornella Malandrino (University of Salerno)
  2. Daniela Sica (University of Salerno)
  3. Stefania Supino (University of San Raffaele)
  4. Maria Rosaria Sessa (University of Salerno)
  5. Maria Rosaria Garofalo (University of Salerno)

Topic Area

8a. Gender, inclusivity & human rights


OS2-8a » 8a. Gender, inclusivity & human rights (17:00 - Wednesday, 13th June, Rectorate - Aula Cannizzaro - Ground floor)