Communicative law for sustainability: A comparative analysis of biosphere reserves, national parks and protected areas in Spain and America (USA, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile)


According by the UNESCO, biosphere reserves are exceptional areas for research, long-term monitoring, training, education and public awareness where local communities can manage its resources and learn for sustainable... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jordi Prades (ASTERISC Communication Research Group. UNIVERSITAT ROVIRA I VIRGILI, URV.)
  2. Francisco Delgado (INTELLECTIO Social Research and Communication)
  3. Nemo Ortega (CONAF (National Forest Corporation))
  4. Andrés Plazas (AMIGOS DE LA MONTAÑA (Friends of the Mountain))

Topic Area

9d. Law and sustainability


OS5-9d » 9d. Law and Sustainability (09:30 - Friday, 15th June, Department of Economics - Aula Magna 1 - First floor)