The use of applied geophysics, Geographic information system (GIS) and Space technology for water conservation and water protection of Karst environment in Tabular Middle Atlas of El Hajeb/ Morocco


Deep water aquifers constitute the strategic water reserve for Morocco, these natural resources are used in many activities such as irrigation and more importantly they are the source of fresh water for local population.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anselme MUZIRAFUTI (University of Messina)
  2. Mustapha Boualoul (University of Moulay Ismail)
  3. Giovanni Randazzo (University of Messina)
  4. Allaoui Abdelhamid (University of Moulay Ismail)
  5. Stefania Lanza (University of Messina)

Topic Area

6d. Water and sanitation


OS1-6d » 6d. Water and sanitation (15:00 - Wednesday, 13th June, Department of Economics - Room 9 - Third floor)