Systematic approach for identifying possible greenhouse gas emission reduction possibilities with additive manufacturing


Additive manufacturing (shortened as AM) is a modern production method with many possible applicationsthroughout wide industrial, medical and consumer sectors. The technology is referred as 3D printing in the case of consumer... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maija Leino (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
  2. Kaisa Grönman (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
  3. Ville Uusitalo (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
  4. Heidi Piili (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
  5. Risto Soukka (Lappeenranta University of Technology)

Topic Area

5b. Design for sustainability


OS3-5b » 5b. Design for sustainability (09:30 - Thursday, 14th June, Department of Economics - Room 9 - Third floor)