Are strategic plans of cities focusing on sustainability?: An analysis of the use of indicators


For the last two decades many cities have proposed strategic plans to guide their development. A review of strategic plans of 32 cities obtained searched through Google, and , shows that almost half of them are just general... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Francisco A. Comín Sebastián (Instituto Pirenaico Ecología-CSIC)
  2. Laura Vigano (University of Bologna)
  3. Roberto Patuelli (University of Bologna, Department di of Economic Science)
  4. Enrique Navarro (Instituto Pirenaico Ecología-CSIC)
  5. Belinda Gallardo (Instituto Pirenaico Ecología-CSIC)

Topic Area

6b. Urban and rural development


OS3-6b » 6b. Urban and Rural Development (09:30 - Thursday, 14th June, Rectorate - Aula Cannizzaro - Ground floor)