The EMAS Recognition of the Livenza Furniture District in the Province of Pordenone (Italy)


The EC Regulation No 761/2001, known as EMAS II, provided the possibility of obtaining the EMAS recognition also by industrial districts. As a consequence, the Livenza furniture district obtained the EMAS recognition in 2006... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Veronica Novelli (University of Udine (Italy))
  2. Paola Geatti (University of Udine (Italy))
  3. Francesco Bianco (University of Udine (Italy))
  4. Luciano Ceccon (University of Udine (Italy))
  5. Stefania Del Frate (Arpa FVG)
  6. Paolo Badin (Unione Industriali Pordenone)

Topic Area

1b. Research methods and methodologies (including the role of academia, policy engagement


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