Pedagogical uses of design thinking and Facebook to help moroccan women adapt to floods related to climate change


In Ourika, a region of Morocco, floods, aggravated by climate change, carry many wastes that pollute the water of the wadi. Women, victims of this problem, must seek adaptation measures to prevent contaminated water from... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Diane Pruneau (Universite de Moncton)
  2. Abdellatif Khattabi (Ecole Nationale Forestiere d'Ingenieurs)
  3. Maroua Mahjoub (Universite de Moncton)
  4. Boutaina Eljai (Universite de Moncton)
  5. Sara Benbrahim (Direction provinciale des eaux et forêts)

Topic Area

2b. Educating for sustainability


OS6-2b » 2b. Educating for sustainability (11:30 - Friday, 15th June, Department of Economics - Room 8 - Third floor)