Circular economy and industrial symbiosis: The role of the municipality of Prato within the EU Urban Agenda partnership


The City of Prato is famous worldwide for its textile district, which represents about 3% of European textile production. The Prato textile industry, despite the economic difficulties and the major market transformations, is... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leonardo Borsacchi (ARCO (Action Research for CO-development) - PIN Scrl, University of Florence)
  2. Valerio Barberis (Municipality of Prato)
  3. Patrizia Pinelli (University of Florence)

Topic Area

5g. Special Track - Industrial symbiosis, networking and cooperation as part of industrial


PS2 » Poster Session 2 - Theme 5 (14:00 - Thursday, 14th June, Rectorate - Great Hallway - First floor)