Measuring the impact of a university campus through a consumption-based ecological footprint: Politecnico di Torino case study


This paper presents a consumption-based ecological footprint study for an Italian university. Data was collected from different departments and administrative units of the Politecnico di Torino to estimate emissions and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. giulia sonetti (Politecnico di Torino)
  2. Silvia Favaro (Politecnico di Torino)
  3. Chiara Genta (Politecnico di Torino)
  4. Giovanni Fracastoro (Politecnico di Torino, DENERG -Dipartimento Energia)
  5. Patrizia Lombardi (Politecnico di Torino)

Topic Area

5e. Sustainable consumption and consumers


OS5-5e » 5e. Sustainable consumption and consumers (09:30 - Friday, 15th June, Rectorate - Aula Magna - First floor)