The Postgraduate Course Energy Efficiency Services: A tool to emphasis on cohesion and the dissemination of knowledge of sustainable energy consumption


It is clear that through the years there is an increasing involvement of a wide range of actors to incorporate sustainability in their policies. It is clear that this drift towards clean technologies must be accompagnied with... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dirk Franco (University Hasselt and University College PXL)
  2. Hilde Ruttens (Green Line)
  3. Gert Lismont (Eco-invest)
  4. Luc Helsen (Eco-invest)
  5. Jan De Schepper (Eco-invest)
  6. Evelien Cruyplandt (EnergieCoach Sint-Niklaas)

Topic Area

2b. Educating for sustainability


OS5-2b » 2b. Educating for sustainability (09:30 - Friday, 15th June, Department of Economics - Room 8 - Third floor)