Influential human dimensions on the historical development of wildlife conservation in Laikipia-Samburu region

Kahindi Lekalhaile

Africa Network for Animal Welfare

Mr. Kahindi Lekalhaile’s job experience in nature conservation spans 25 years working as a naturalist, environmental education expert, trainer in wildlife social work, field research scientist, ecotourism expert, university lecturer, community-based conservation advisor and senior program manager. Some of his past experience includes assisting to set up the Samburu Elephant Research Centre under Save The Elephants charity in Africa under the supervision of the world-famous expert, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton; executing the United Nation’s Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) program in Kenya covering the northern Kenya elephant population, which is the largest elephant free-ranging elephant population living outside any protected area in East Africa and pioneering the ‘PIKE’ technique (Proportion of Illegally Killed Elephants) as an early warning system for elephant ivory poaching in the world. A renowned crusader against illegal global trade of wildlife and wildlife products, Mr. Lekalhaile is an Earthwatch Fellow in Madagascar and the recipient of the 2006 Disney Conservation Hero award from Disney World.


The Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem has the most complex land use system (comprised of community trustlands, national parks, national reserves, community wildlife conservancies, private ranches, a resort city, small-holder farms,... [ view full abstract ]


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