Metal accummulation in Labeo umbratus (Smith, 1841) collected from the Vaal Dam and human health risks


The Vaal Dam is one of the largest dams in South Africa, located between the Gauteng Province and Orange Free state, and supplies water to approximately 11.6 million people. Recreational and small scale subsistence fishing... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Beric Gilbert (University of Johannesburg)
  2. Franz Jirsa (University of Vienna & University of Johannesburg)
  3. Ebrahim Hussain (University of Johannesburg)
  4. Annemariè Avenant-Oldewage (University of Johannesburg)


OS-D4 » THE EFFECT OF ANTROPOGENIC ACTIVITES ON WATER AND ORGANISMS THEREIN I: Water quality, fishes, invertebrates (08:30 - Tuesday, 12th January, Chui)

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