Pioneering Ideas in Strategy and Design at the Convergence of International Conservation and Development Practice -- The Case for Working Differently

Elizabeth Walker

Executive Strategist & Field Advisor (Multiple Clients Including FFI)/Academic Affiliations with Harvard University & The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy

Elizabeth is a practitioner with more than twenty years' experience leading organizations, strategy, programming and funding portfolios for humanitarian, development and conservation entities. She has held appointments across government, public, and private sectors, including service as Executive Advisor, VP of Global Programs, and COO. She works now independently, supporting organizations and field teams with high-impact improvements to leadership, strategy, and on-the-ground performance. She works with teams to ensure cogent vision; probe, conceptualize and articulate strategy; interrogate and strengthen project design; re-steer and re-imagine funding and operational partnerships; excite thought leadership; and steward strategic alliances within and outside sectors to drive investment and innovation. She is in high demand as a strategist, change leader, and field mentor. Elizabeth has a keen interest in the convergence of development and conservation practice. She is actively developing potentially ground-breaking strategic models for field testing, opening new frontiers in our practice. She has led USAID grant-making field teams, worked in executive and advisory capacities with FFI, CARE, IRC, RI, PLAN and Counterpart International, led human rights investigations for the US State Department, served as a UN Senior Policy Advisor on Risk Reduction and Resilience, and worked as an expert advisor on civil-military affairs to the US Defense Department. Elizabeth has worked in nearly 40 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, across conflict lines, in refugee and IDP settlements, and in the aftermath of environmental disasters. She holds degrees from Harvard, Tufts School of Nutrition, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.


Whether we are conservationists or development practitioners, we increasingly find ourselves in close proximity, working with the same communities within the same fragile ecosystems, where diverse threats compound and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Elizabeth Walker (Executive Strategist & Field Advisor (Multiple Clients Including FFI)/Academic Affiliations with Harvard University & The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy)

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Topics: Enduring Issues in HDFW , Topics: The Changing Nature of Wildlife Conservation , Topics: Community-Based Conservation


OS-C4 » Conservation, Development & Human Well-being Part I (16:30 - Monday, 11th January, Chui)

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