Trace elements in water, sediments and the elongate tigerfish Hydrocynus forskahlii ( Cuvier, 1819) from Lake Turkana, Kenya including health risk analysis


This study presents the distribution of 17 major and trace elements in surface water, sediments and fish tissues from Lake Turkana, Kenya. Eight sediment and 10 water samples from the west bank of the lake, as well as 34... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Franz Jirsa (University of Vienna;)
  2. Elick Otachi (Egerton University)
  3. Christof Plessl (University of Vienna;)
  4. Wilfried Körner (University of Vienna;)
  5. Annemariè Avenant-Oldewage (University of Johannesburg)


OS-D4 » THE EFFECT OF ANTROPOGENIC ACTIVITES ON WATER AND ORGANISMS THEREIN I: Water quality, fishes, invertebrates (08:30 - Tuesday, 12th January, Chui)

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