Sex distributions and condition factors of the fragmented populations of the Lake Magadi cichlid fish, Alcolapia grahami: A fish living under extreme environmental and anthropogenic selective pressures


Alcolapia grahami a small cichlid fish which subsists in scattered lagoons of Greater Lake Magadi (GLM) and Little Lake Magadi (LLM) which are located in a highly tectonically active part of the eastern arm of the Great... [ view full abstract ]


  1. John Maina (University of Johannesburg)
  2. Geraldine Kavembe (South Eastern University College)
  3. Michael Papah (University of Nairobi)
  4. Reatlegile Mashiteng (University of Johannesburg)
  5. Chris Wood (Mc Master University)
  6. Adalto Bianchini (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG))
  7. Lucas Bianchini (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG))
  8. Harold Bergman (University of Wyoming)
  9. Ora Wood (Great Lakes Laboratories for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)
  10. Pierre Laurent (Mc Master University)
  11. Claudine Chevalier (Mc Master University)
  12. Rodi Ojoo (University of Nairobi)


OS-D4 » THE EFFECT OF ANTROPOGENIC ACTIVITES ON WATER AND ORGANISMS THEREIN I: Water quality, fishes, invertebrates (08:30 - Tuesday, 12th January, Chui)

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