Opportunities from conflicting objectives: Assessing differences in hunter objectives to enhance hunter experiences

Geoff Kerr

Lincoln University

Geoff is in the Department of Environmental Management at Lincoln University, New Zealand. He is professor of environmental economics, and has broad interests in the social sciences, environmental and recreation management and environmental perceptions. Geoff is blending his non-market valuation skills, biological science and recreation management into game management policy. This is a new development in New Zealand, where game animals have traditionally been treated as pests. He is a member of New Zealand's Game Animal Council.


New Zealand’s ungulate game species have been managed as pests, with free access on public land without restrictions on season or the number or types of animals killed. The outcome has been low game animal numbers and trophy... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Geoff Kerr (Lincoln University)
  2. Walt Abell (Lincoln University)

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Topics: Demographics and Fish and Wildlife Policy , Topics: Wildlife, Tourism and Recreation , Topics: Fish and Wildlife Governance


OS-H3 » Hunter & Angler Management (08:30 - Wednesday, 13th January, Colobus)

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