Hunters' territorialism in wildlife management

Mitsuhiko Takahashi

University of Toyama

Specializes in wildlife law with focus on hunting, invasive species, and wildlife control. Deals with Japanses law as well as international law and American law. Obtained LLM at Lewis & Clark Law School (Portland, Oregon) and visiting scholar at University of Auckland (Law), Technological University of Munich (Foerstry School), and Lewis & Clark Law School.


Hunters are known to be “territolialists” by the nature of their activities. Although not directly required by law, it is almost compulsory for Japanese hunters to join the local hunters' associations in the community... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mitsuhiko Takahashi (University of Toyama)
  2. Hiromi Taguchi (Tohoku University of Arts and Design)
  3. Ippei Ebihara (Tohoku University of Arts and Design)

Topic Areas

Topics: The Changing Nature of Wildlife Conservation , Topics: Human Wildlife Conflict , Topics: Community-Based Conservation


OS-H3 » Hunter & Angler Management (08:30 - Wednesday, 13th January, Colobus)

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