Do recreational marine resource users do what they intend and say they do in the Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve, Kenya

sander den haring


Sander den Haring is conservation biologist with a focus on sustainable resource use to promote the conservation of marine and terrestrial resources. Sander has resided in Kenya since 2004 and since then has spearheaded various marine conservation projects involving local school children, recreational resource users (scuba divers and snorkelers) and residents along the Kenyan coastline. He has worked in East Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, The Middle East and Europe. He completed a PhD on recreational resource use in the Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve, Kenya, from James Cook University, Australia. Under this project a training scheme was initiated for the snorkel operators to transform the non-sustainable snorkel trips into interpretive excursions. This transformation reduced the negative impacts on the coral reef and enhanced clientele satisfaction, whilst enabling the local snorkel operators to enjoy financially sustainable excursions. Sander believes that conservation must be achieved through research paired with awareness.


Recreational marine resource use is conducted by a varied group of visitors. Regardless of how minimal this resource use is, or what intentions these visitors have, impacts on these resources are unavoidable. Management... [ view full abstract ]


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