Session: OS-A1
Integrating social science into One Health to inform research, policy, and outreach

Infectious disease outbreaks – especially zoonotic disease outbreaks triggered when pathogens spread from animals to people – remain serious health concerns worldwide and provide an excellent example of One Health. According to Wolfe et al. (2007), the most significant diseases of modern society have animal origins. Zoonotic disease emergence is the result of biological processes mediated by both ecologic and socio-cultural factors,... [ view more ]

Dr. Michael Manfredo (Colorado State University), Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer (Denver University) & Mrs. Esther Duke (Colorado State University)
10:30 - 12:00 on Monday, 11th of January 2016
Kirinyaga 1
  • 10:30
    Michael Manfredo (Colorado State University), Wayde Morse (Auburn University), Mary Gauvain (University of California - Riverside), Kathleen Galvin (Colorado State University), Andres Rechkemmer (University of Denver), James Herbert Williams (University of Denver), Philip Tedeschi (University of Denver), Richard Reading (University of Denver), Asfaw Kumssa (United Nations Development Programme - Kenya)