Session: T-1C
Citizen Science

Terrell Rich
08:00 - 09:30 on Tuesday, 19th of September 2017
Assembly Hall C
  • 08:00
    Greg Newman (Colorado State University), Mark Chandler (Earthwatch), Malin Clyde (University of New Hampshire), Bridie Mcgreavy (University of Maine), Muki Haklay (University College London), Heidi Ballard (University of California, Davis), Steven Gray (Michigan State University), Russell Scarpino (Colorado State University), Rina Hauptfeld (Colorado State University), David Mellor (Open Science Foundation), John Gallo (Conservation Biology Institute)
  • 08:00
    Lincoln Larson (North Carolina State University), Caren Cooper (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences), Nathan Shipley (Clemson University), Kathy Dale (National Audubon Society), Geoff Lebaron (National Audubon Society), John Takekawa (Audubon California)
  • 08:00
    Jessica Cantrell (Marshall University), Shane Welch (Marshall University), Jayme Waldron (Marshall University)
  • 08:00
    Shane Welch (Marshall University), Rachel Arrick (Marshall University), Sean Wineland (Marshall University), Katelyn Amspacher (Marshall University), Mike Jungen (Marshall University), Jessica Cantrell (Marshall University), Margaret Smith (Marshall University), Jayme Waldron (Marshall University)