Session: W-1B
HWC: Big Cats I Global

Katherine Allen
08:00 - 09:30 on Wednesday, 20th of September 2017
Assembly Hall B
  • 08:00
    Zalmai Moheb (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Todd Fuller (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Peter Zahler (Wildlife Conservation Society), Heidi Kretser (Wildlife Conservation Society), Naqibullah Mostafawi (Wildlife Conservation Society)
  • 08:00
    Kirstie Ruppert (San Diego Zoo Global), Jenny A. Glikman (San Diego Zoo Global), David O'connor (San Diego Zoo Global), Symon Masiaine (Loisaba Conservancy), Jenna Stacy-Dawes (San Diego Zoo Global), Nicholas Pilfold (San Diego Zoo Global), Megan Owen (San Diego Zoo Global)
  • 08:00
    Eric LeFlore (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Andrew Stein (C.L.A.W.S. Conservancy), Todd Fuller (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Florian Weise (C.L.A.W.S. Conservancy/Centre for Wildlife Management, University of Pretoria)