Camera CATalogue: Crowdsourcing for Conservation


Monitoring and evaluating population trends across time is the backbone for adaptive management and conservation. Large carnivores such as leopards (Panthera pardus) are considered flagship species over a large range of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Johanna Taylor (Panthera)
  2. Ross Pitman (Panthera)
  3. Guy Balme (Panthera)
  4. Gareth Mann (Panthera)
  5. Gareth Whittington-jones (Panthera)
  6. Lisa Thomas (Panthera)
  7. Joleen Broadfield (Panthera)

Topic Areas

Topics: Engaging with the Public , Topics: Collaborative Conservation


D3-2C » Technological Innovation for Effective Conservation (10:30 - Thursday, 11th January, Kuiseb 3)

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