Session: Tue-2B
Design of Power Electronic Converters

Nils Soltau
13:00 - 14:30 on Tuesday, 23rd of June 2015
Berlin 2
  • 13:00
    Conduction, reverse conduction and switching characteristics of GaN E-HEMT
    Charlie Sørensen (Aalborg Universitet), Martin Fogsgaard (Aalborg Universitet), Michael Noe Christiansen (Aalborg Universitet), Mads Graungaard (Aalborg Universitet), Jacob Nørgaard (Aalborg Universitet), Christian Uhrenfeldt (Aalborg University/), Ionut Trintis (Aalborg University/)
  • 13:20
    Design of low impedance busbar for 10 kV, 100A 4H-SiC MOSFET short-circuit tester using axial capacitors
    Emanuel-Petre Eni (Aalborg), Tamas Kerekes (Aalborg University/), Christian Uhrenfeldt (Aalborg University/Dept. of Energy Technology), Remus Teodorescu (Aalborg University/Dept. of Energy Technology), Stig Munk-Nielsen (Aalborg University/Dept. of Energy Technology)
  • 13:40
    Design Issues for the Active Clamp Forward Converter in Micro-inverter Applications
    HEJIN YANG (Nanyang Technological University), Paul Wu (HopeTechnik Pte Ltd), Youyi Wang (Nanyang Technological University)
  • 14:00
    Analytical fault-tolerant method for cascaded H-bridge converters
    Ines Sanz (Department of Electronics. University of Alcala.), Emilio J. Bueno (Department of Electronics. University of Alcala.), Miguel Moranchel (Department of Electronics. University of Alcala.), F. Javier Rodriguez (Department of Electronics. University of Alcala.)