Session: Tue-2D
Small Signal Modeling and Estimation

Sudip Mazumder
13:00 - 14:30 on Tuesday, 23rd of June 2015
Lissabon 2
  • 13:00
    Validation of Impedance-Based Small-Signal Stability Analysis for Single-Phase Grid-Feeding Inverters with PLL
    Stefano Lissandron (Department of Information Engineering - University of Padova (Italy)), Luca Dalla Santa (Department of Management and Engineering - University of Padova (Italy)), Paolo Mattavelli (Department of Management and Engineering - University of Padova (Italy)), Bo Wen (Department of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Division - University of Cambridge (UK))
  • 13:20
    Modeling of Inverter Output Impedance for Stability Analysis in Combination with Measured Grid Impedances
    Lars Jessen (University of Kiel, Chair of Power Electronics), Friedrich W. Fuchs (University of Kiel, Chair of Power Electronics)
  • 13:40
    Robust Small Signal Stability for Microgrid under Uncertainty
    Jorge Elizondo (Masschusetts Institute of Technology), Richard Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Jacob White (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), James Kirtley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)