Session: Wed-5A
Filtering in AC Grid Applications

Sibylle Dieckerhoff
11:15 - 12:45 on Wednesday, 24th of June 2015
Berlin 1
  • 11:35
    An Active Trap Filter for High-Power Voltage Source Converters
    Haofeng Bai (Aalborg University/Dept. of Energy Technology), Xiongfei Wang (Aalborg University/Dept. of Energy Technology), Poh Chiang Loh (Aalborg University/), Frede Blaabjerg (Aalborg University/)
  • 11:55
    Resonance Propagation of AC Filters in a Large-Scale Microgrid
    Yusi Liu (University of Arkansas), Chris Farnell (University of Arkansas), Vinson Jones (University of Arkansas), Kenny George (University of Arkansas), Alan Mantooth (University of Arkansas), Juan Carlos Balda (University of Arkansas)