Session: Wed-6A
Power Electronics in Distribution Systems: Grid-Connected Converters III

Frede Blaabjerg
13:45 - 15:15 on Wednesday, 24th of June 2015
Berlin 1
  • 14:05
    Single-phase voltage source converter with active power decoupling operating in both grid-connected and island modes
    Ioan Serban (Transilvania University of Brasov), Corneliu Marinescu (Transilvania University of Brasov), Andreea Busca-Forcos (Transilvania University of Brasov)
  • 14:25
    An Active Power Synchronizing Controller for Grid-Connected Power Converters with Configurable Natural Droop Characteristics
    WEIYI ZHANG (Technical University of Catalonia), Alvaro Luna (Technical University of Catalonia), Ignacio Candela (Technical University of Catalonia), Joan Rocabert (Technical University of Catalonia), Pedro Rodriguez (Abengoa Research)
  • 14:45
    Enhanced Utilization of Grid-Connected Inverter
    chandan kumar (Kiel University), Mahesh K. Mishra (Indian Institute of Technology Madras India), Manoj Kumar M.V (Indian Institute of Technology Madras India)