Single-Phase Voltage Source Inverter with Power Decoupling and Minimum Voltage Stress Modulation

Liuchen Chang

University of New Brunswick

Liuchen Chang received the B.S.E.E. degree from Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing, in 1982; the M.Sc. degree from the China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing, in 1984; and the Ph.D. degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, in 1991. He is a Professor at the University of New Brunswick. His research interests include distributed generation, renewable energy conversion, and power electronic converters. Dr. Chang is a fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering.


  1. Shuang Xu (University of New Brunswick)
  2. Riming Shao (University of New Brunswick)
  3. Liuchen Chang (University of New Brunswick)

Topic Areas

Track 1 Topics: New power converters and controls for wind, solar PV, CHP, wave and tidal, , Track 1 Topics: High efficiency power conversion for sustainable sources


S5 » Power Decoupling Techniques (13:30 - Tuesday, 26th June, University D)