Object-Oriented Voltage Control for AC-DC Hybrid Distribution Systems

Chiyang Zhong

Georgia Institute of Technology

Chiyang Zhong received his B.Eng. degree from both Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China and the University of Birmingham in the UK in 2013. He received his M.S degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA in 2015. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. His research interests include power system optimization, renewable energy integration, smart grid control, etc.


  1. Chiyang Zhong (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  2. A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  3. George J. Cokkinides (University of South Carolina)
  4. Boqi Xie (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Track 3 Topics: Distributed generation power electronics and electric power quality


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