Comparative Analysis of Silicon Carbide and Silicon Switching Devices for Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Application with Battery Energy Storage

Kenneth Mordi

University of Arkansas

Mr. Mordi is a graduate student at the University of Arkansas. In 2016, he attended the department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA, as a M.SEE candidate. His research interest at the University of Arkansas is focused on the study of Power Electronics with emphasis on Multilevel converters with the integration of battery energy storage for grid application. He also has interests in the physics models of power semiconductors in inverter applications.  Mr. Mordi plan to continue his education towards Ph.D degree in the same subject area after completing his Masters degree program. Mr. Mordi worked as a Safety/Logistics officer at Ochmart Technologies, Nigeria, during the of period 2013-2016. He is currently a graduate research assistant in the Power Electronics laboratory at the University of Arkansas.  He volunteered in Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA) conference, and Grid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems (GRAPES) annual meeting in 2016 and 2017 after joining the department of electrical engineering. 


  1. Kenneth Mordi (University of Arkansas)
  2. Haider Mhiesan (University of Arkansas)
  3. Janviere Umuhoza (University of Arkansas)
  4. Md Maksudul Hossain (University of Arkansas)
  5. Chris Farnell (University of Arkansas)
  6. Alan Mantooth (University of Arkansas)

Topic Area

Track 1 Topics: High efficiency power conversion for sustainable sources


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