Electro-Thermal Transient Performance Assessment of SiC Based Distributed Generation Inverters when Governed by Virtual Synchronous Machine Control or Conventional dq Control

Patrick Lewis

University of Pittsburgh

Patrick T. Lewis (S’2012) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2012, and with a Master of Science in 2014, both degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He is now currently pursuing his doctorate also at the University of Pittsburgh focusing on power electronics engineering. Patrick’s work experience includes internships with Curtiss Wright and Mitsubishi Electric. From January 2010 through August 2011, he worked three rotations within three different departments at Curtiss Wright. For the summer of 2012, he interned at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. within their Power System Engineering Studies group (PSES). His master’s degree pertained to protection coordination design for MMC-based HVDC transmission. His current research interests include power electronics design, modeling and control, involving converter reliability and system stability for the applications of distributed renewable energy integration and microgrids. Mr. Lewis is a student member of IEEE PELS, IES, PES, and IAS, and he is an endowed R.K. Mellon graduate student fellow through the Center for Energy at the University of Pittsburgh.


  1. Patrick Lewis (University of Pittsburgh)
  2. Brandon M Grainger (University of Pittsburgh)

Topic Area

Track 3 Topics: Distributed generation power electronics and electric power quality


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